A Visit to Qutb Shahi Tombs

It was during one of my vacation I got a chance to visit Qutb Shahi Tombs which was located close to famous Golconda Fort in Hyderabad, India. The place contains many tombs which was built by various kings of Qutb Shahi dynasty. For each king and family members there were tombs created which looks amazing.

These tombs are maintained even now for passed away kings and other royal family members as a final resting place. This is now a heritage park – 106 acres Landscape Restoration, 40 Mausoleums, 23 Mosques & 7 Baolis/Step-wells.

This Heritage Park is listed on the tentative World Heritage List.


Since we visited during the evening time, there was not much rush which gave us some space to spend some more time there….


The weather was cool and the sky was cloudy ……


Not too many people visit this place I guess which I interpret from the look and feel of that area.


Since all the tombs are spread over a large area, and renovation works are happening we missed a few as advised by the guide.


But anyways I could click a few of them ….




Beauty in RED!!!!

God has kept his arms and thought in every creatures that he do. Each and every this has got a specialty. See below few RED birds whose name I am not sure about. From the beak it looks like from the parrot family like a budgie. Without clicking some of these lovely extra cute birds pics ..how can I ignore.


The red itself is super cute. What if a little bit of black color bands are there!!!Resting down after food.


Since it was raining just before an hour….


He is a bit serious … I think.


White Birds

White the color of peace….white is always good even if its a flower or a dress whatever.

White birds are simply cute!!!



The flamingo looks confused!

The below was on perfect timing…. just before floating into water. ha ha





Beautiful Flowers

I am not a professional photographer and I’m also not an expert in Photography. But I like taking some random photos which I like. I don’t mind taking pictures with a professional camera or even with my mobile cam which is always easy to carry and that becomes something which feels like a part of the body….so easy to access.

In some of my future posts I would randomly add pictures which is not so great…but that’s ok for me.

These were few of my clicks from an Indian Garden during a flower show.


These flowers were taken from the same area but each one looks unique and live.


This red flower is my favorite as it looks not like a hybrid one. The cluster of different colored flowers looks really awesome.


That’s it!!!!


My first painting after many years……..

I am not a great artist, but I like to paint at some times. Since last one week started sketching few paintings which I really liked doing. So I started collecting few of my old brushes and managed to get some canvas and paint for a start.

Ok now after collecting the stuffs required to do a painting it was very difficult to find a topic.Oh God is it too hard to get a topic to paint and that too as a hobby. ha ha ha…it cannot be soo simple. But I cant discard my wish to paint a picture.

Finally at the end of one days thought I decided to paint a lonely tree.Started of with less confidence but somehow I finished..i myself was so surprised to see my painting. Its not too bad…anyways its not my first painting…..but it is after so many years.